Beneficiaries Of Him Saral

  • June 4, 2020

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Beneficiaries Of Him Saral

How to Achieve Long-term Academic Achievements & Excellence

Information Technology offers a wide opportunity to rethink the way an Institution is managed and the educational services delivered.

  • The Students need to be reminded at the right time for self-introspection by giving them an opportunity for self-correction.
  • The Teachers & Parents need to be enabled to understand quantitatively and qualitatively the strength and weakness of their students/wards and to initiate corrective action.
  • The Governing Bodies need to be given chances to reach both their Academic and Administration part on a dynamic basis to constantly improving the quality of education.

The above should be the primary objective of one of the Best school software. The system empowers the real time data & assessment tools to the Teachers, the Parents, the decision makers, etc, online.

Services & Benefits of School Software

Here, we have classified the entire list of services and benefits presented under our educational Site to understand and realize the need of System based educational structure to meet the fresh challenges.

I    Institution

  • Home page for institution – A separate space on the net for the institution along with unique url
  • Information about the institution – Information about the origin of the institution, the objectives and its progress.
  • Information on different courses offered by the institution
  • Admission procedures and details – all information regarding admissions and enrolment procedures and admission results will be provided on line
  • On line application – Facility of e-registration.
  • Facilities provided by the institution – like library, computer facilities, sports & games will be projected on the net for public view.
  • Scholarships and awards – Information on various scholarships, awards and honors extended by the institution towards the deserving students.
  • Calendar of events of the institution.
  • Fees details with respect to courses opted.
  • Special Announcement Column.
  • Messaging Facility.

II    Students

  • Individual Login page for each student
  • Details regarding their attendance and performance – Daily updation of the entire student’s daily attendance and performance with report generation feature.
  • Results on line – Results are published online under strict confidence.
  • Home-work – students can check their Home-work online under their login.
  • Fee Status – Fee status can be checked online.


III     Parents

  • Career and Counseling options for the Parents to decide on their ward’s future.
  • Online Fee Payment & Fee paid status and pending fee information.
  • Parents can interact with the academic experts.
  • Parents can keep track of their ward’s records in terms of attendance and academic performance.
  • Can view the Homework assigned to their ward.
  • Daily report on student’s activities.
  • Messaging facility.

IV     Teachers

  • Teacher’s Profile
  • Info on Class work/Homework/subject/ test details.
  • Teachers will be able to interact with the parents more frequently
  • He/ She can assign homework to his classes.
  • He/ She can assign Attendance to his classes.

One stop reference point for all Institutional Users. The following are the information presented to the different kind of user category:

The Admin/Principal

  • Access to Students info / Class details / Individual Students Attendance / Students performance /etc. – Instant Reports.
  • Access to Staff info / Department details / Work schedule / Time table management and subjects / syllabus coverage & monitor / Over all staff performance/ Attendance / etc – Instant Reports.
  • Total Admistratative control – Access to Admission and fees collections/ Payroll activities / Inventories / Accounts / library management/etc . – Instant Reports.

Class Teachers

  • Access to info on Class Students / their performance and attendance/ Class work and assignments details / tracking    periodical tests and Main examinations /etc. – Instant
  • Access to info on Subject teachers/Subject covered/ Syllabus
  • Attendance / Syllabus coverage and monitor / timetable and subject details/etc. – Instant Reports.
  • Class Administration and Control with reports and statistics.


  • Access to info on his/her wards performance and attendance/Homework and assignments details / tracking           periodical tests and Main examinations /etc.
  • Access to info on Fee payment history and can make online payment.
  • Access to School Notifications & PTM etc. – Instant Reports.