Why choose Him Saral School Software

  • June 3, 2020

  • By, admin

Why choose Him Saral School Software

Why Choose Us

We have a dedicated 24×7 Technical Support Team for Remote & Onsite Training of School Users to save the Time & Money of School Administrations for managing their School. Followings are few points which will help the School Management in deciding to buy Him Saral – School Management Software.

Cost Effective & 24×7 Support

  • Him Saral works efficiently on any computer and hence no/least hardware upgrade is required.
  • We provide FREE updates to the solution from time to time.
  • The solution offers ample amount of web resources to each individual.
  • 24×7 Support is available from our dedicated support team.

Technological Edge

  • Him Saral is built with the latest technology, which is generally used by high end web applications.
  • Him Saral is supported by latest technology like Smart Cards and Biometrics.
  • 128 Bit SSL encryption technology is used for some crucial transactions of data under Him Saral.


  • Him Saral is based on an open ended architecture, enabling the solution to be implemented in phases and actualizing future upgrades without disturbing the existing implementation.
  • Him Saral is a very easy-to-implement application as no software installation is required at the nodes.
  • Him Saral offers maximum scalability. This implies that the solution can be implemented in a school starting from a single PC and can be extended
  • seamlessly to other additional nodes in the local area network.
  • Duplication of system can be infinitive.
  • Create & Customize examination framework.

User Friendly

  • Him Saral is browser-based application developed for Educational Institutions. This makes its use as easy as browsing the net.
  • The application offers zero redundancy of data for managing the various Educational Institutes and schools aspects- online and off line.
  • Him Saral is a solution with a very high user-acceptance ratio. This has been made possible by creating a user-friendly interface zeroing the complexities involved in an ERP system.
  • The current model of Him Saral offers full flexibility for usage. One can use any assigned module, anytime, anywhere in Educational institutes and school intranet and internet.


  • Need based reporting.
  • Minimization of Fraud.
  • 100 % Virus proof.
  • Accessibility controlled by multi layered access.
  • Embedded triple layer security system.
  • Create ‘n’ number of login ID.


  • Can run with SQL and MS SQL application.
  • Can integrate all & existing database.
  • Improve streamline work process.
  • 24 X 7 accessibility.
  • Integration with other financial system.
  • Operating system independent.


  • Multi & Inter-unit utilization.
  • Group financial records can be created.
  • Single window multiple functions.
  • Minimize manual error.
  • Interchangeability of any schedule.
  • All details of Him Saral Software are saved on a cloud-based network and users can access data anywhere and anytime through devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers etc using their usernames and passwords.