Why Need School ERP

  • June 5, 2020

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Why Need School ERP

Why Need School ERP

Managing a school has always been challenging. With HIM SARAL school management software, we have made it very easy. With the following few points, we will explain that why it is needed to use a School ERP and what are the benefits of using a Best School Software.

Made Easy Admissions

It is a very tough to manage the Admissions of students manually. By using a School Management Software, it is very easy to manage the student’s record digitally. The Student’s Record like their personal information and academic information can get saved digitally to school database. In future, when it is required, it is very easy to access the student’s information through school management software by the authorized school users.

Access to School Admin, Parents, Teachers & Students

For the Cloud based Institutional ERPs, the software can be accessed by the School Admins, Parents, Teachers and Students. Each User has their respective use rights to access the software or School Mobile App. Parents can access the information related to their wards anytime and anywhere from the world through internet.

Online Fee Payment

By an Online Application (School Software – Him Saral), parents can Pay the School Fee through online Parents Portal or by School Mobile App. The payment will be deposited directly to the Schools’s Bank Account. The school bank account will get linked with the school software through Secure Payment Gateways. Once the payment done through Parent Portal or Mobile App get success, the same entry will be done to the School Software. So, the School Admin need not to do the entry at school end.

Homework Assignment

Replacing the manual way of school working, by using a School Management Software or School Mobile App, the School Admin or Teachers can assign Homework to the Students on daily basis. Parents or Students can check the Assigned Homework by logging to Mobile App or Parents/Student Portal.

Marks Analysis (Report Card Generation)

By Teacher Diary App or School Software (Web App) Teachers can update the Marks of their assigned subject in respective exams. Parents/Students can see download their Report Cards for the selected Exams. It increases the Paperless Work Culture to the School/College.

Students Attendance Management

To track student’s activities or their attendance details and keep their parents updated with their wards activities or attendance, is something very tedious job. But with the use of an Easy and User-Friendly Attendance Software (Online Student Management System), it is very easy to update the Parents. Parents can access the School Software through Web Portal or School Mobile App by using the authorized Login Credentials provided to them by School Authorities.

Easy Tracking of Pending Fee, Absentees, School Buses through GPS, School Inventory etc.

A big challenging part of the school is the School Pending Fee. With the help of School Fee Management Software, School Admins or Managers can easily track the Pending Fee of the students. Text SMS of the Mobiles can be send by software to the parents to deposit the School Pending Fee in time. Absent student’s information can be send to their Parents just by a click. Schools have lot of Inventory Stock which is useful to run the school’s day to day activities. It can be easily managed by the use of Inventory Management System Software. Apart from this, Schools usually owns vehicles to transport students to and from school or school-related activities. By integrating GPS API to the School Software, anyone from the authorized users can easily track the vehicle’s location, speed etc.